Industrial Panel PCs with 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution!
Industrial Panel PCs with 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution!

26.05.2023 16:02:56

Industrial Panel PCs with 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution!

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Enjoy Netflix Full HD on Industrial PC!


Industrial Panel PCs with 1920x1080 FULL HD Resolution! 


Today's users, after enjoying watching TV series on Netflix with 1920x1080 resolution at home, started to want to use the same expectation in their factories, machines and energy facilities.

ICC Digital Industrial Technologies started to offer full HD 1920x1080 resolution in IPC4 industrial computer and monitor series.

11.6" - 15.6" - 17.3" - 21.5” - 23.8” has no equal in Turkey!

43" Giant Screen! Only at ICC with IPC4!


Industrial computers provide reliable performance in harsh industrial environments thanks to their special design and durability. In recent years, as the demand for these industrial computers has increased, manufacturers have started to offer higher resolutions to meet this demand. The latest technology offered to meet this demand can be summarized as industrial computers with Full HD resolution.

Full HD resolution industrial computers are special computers with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These computers are designed to provide high quality images and are often preferred especially in industrial businesses where visual demand is high.

11.6″ IPC4-116W – 15.6″ IPC4-156W – 17.3″ IPC4-173W series industrial panel PCs and 11.6″ IPC4-116M – 15.6″ IPC4-156M series industrial monitors in the Turkish market It provides what no other model can provide and provides 1920×1080 resolution.

In addition, using a 1920×1080 resolution industrial panel pc or industrial monitor provides another advantage. In cases where the image needs to be mirrored to other sources, there is no need for secondary page design. You can view your project pages designed with 1920×1080 on a separate projection or TV or andon units without making any changes.


Industrial computers with Full HD resolution have many advantages. Here are some of these advantages:

Higher resolution: Full HD industrial computers offer clearer and more detailed images because they have a higher resolution. This is particularly beneficial for visual inspection of the production line and for detecting machine malfunctions.

Better picture quality: Full HD industrial computers provide a better picture quality. This is especially important in quality control operations on the production line. Higher resolution and better image quality allow for faster detection and prevention of errors.

More functionality: Full HD industrial computers often have higher specifications. This means more processing power, more memory and more storage. This helps to better manage more complex industrial applications.

Greater durability: Industrial computers are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Full HD industrial computers may have a higher level of protection than other industrial computers. This means they are more resistant to temperature, humidity, vibration, impact and other factors.


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Industrial Panel PCs with 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution!